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hybrid leadership

A key concept for competent Managers in challenging work environments, dealing with tensions between the traditional and modern working worlds.

old economy

Some effective leadership behaviour will remain in the future.  As timeless classics; they not only include the ability to clearly communicate tasks and goals, but also interpersonal skills which are often summarized with the umbrella term, “Emotional Intelligence“. 

Some leadership challenges will also remain and are just as as important today as they will be tomorrow.   These include:

The ability to calmly exercise a constructive approach, especially in uncertain times.

Making clear decisions to help realize visions and goals on the sound foundations of personal values and norms.

Includes the ability to explain complex relationships and break them down.

A deep knowledge of people, the ability to empathize and convince others are elementary leadership skills for today and tomorrow.

new economy

Times are changing. The world of work is becoming more digital, more diverse, faster and ever more complex.  Technical and media skills are required, as are psychosocial skills such as the confident handling of merging  cultures. Tomorrow’s leaders face new challenges and need the right set of skills to lead successfully.  The following challenges for leaders will be important tomorrow:

Includes the ability to lead over distance by the confident and sustainable use of digital media.

New working environments are unpredictable, they sometimes change several times a day and are characterized by high complexity and uncertainty (VUCA). To get around in this world, it takes the ability to control change processes with confidence.

Results of tomorrows merged society show an older, smaller amount workforce. This has a massive impact on tomorrow’s working life. It is important to be prepared for this. 

Tomorrow’s problems are complex. Teamwork, networking and the creation of knowledge synergies are required. Everyone is important and leaders should support personal development in responsibility through creative and collective thinking.

Hybrid leadership competence

Hybrid leadership competence can be learned and developed.  We see a six-stage development process to enable the sustainable development of hybrid leadership competences.

1. Testing:

Our solid diagnostic is based on a test battery of four scientifically proven psychometric surveys. It is the basis to start a purposeful self-reflection.

2. Coaching:

On the test results, our coaching delivers self-clarity, identifying personal development opportunities.

3. Training:

In our workshops, practical knowledge about hybrid leadership skills and leading behaviour is discussed by considering the specifics of both the old and the new worlds economies.

4. Consulting:

In the fourth phase of development, the leader is advised on the adjustments and changes required that will enable hybrid leadership to be practiced in their individual work environments.

5. Sparring:

Regular exchange e.g. by short video calls gives room to discuss questions, enables impulses and secures the progress in the leaders development.

6. Refreshing:

After a defined period of time, the newly developed hybrid leadership behaviour is stabilized by refocusing and further stimulated by a collegial exchange.

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